Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chapter 1. Billy 2 Knives #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I may be small but I live a very big life, I have an entire woods all mine to run around in.

About a year ago I was playin in the wood like usual when I heard a dog crying on the farthest end of the woods.

I've heard the stories of Ghost Dog. The rabbits say he roams the woods at night, chasing the Coyotes away. I was only six months old then but I was not scared. I'd never been that deep in the woods but the puppy I heard sounded real scared, so I headed for her cries.

Billie 2 Knives

On my way to her, I kept thinking that I saw something white in the corner of my eye. It didn't scare me cause somehow It felt like Ghost Dog was watching over me n protecting me so I could help the puppy that was so alone n scared.

I finally made it all the way to the farthest edge of my woods. When I got there I found a puppy ten times as big as me tied to a tree with a rope. She was very scared n hungry. I told her not to worry that Ghost Dog would protect us till we got to my house where Aunt Lou would fetch her a big bowl of food.

The big puppy told me that she was the same age as me but she had made the people she lived with crazy. She told me the things that they got mad about n I just did not understand, cause I do that stuff all the time. Billy said, yeah but you're real small n very cute so I bet they think you're cute when you do it. Billy said, my people wanted a really big dog but then they realized that I'm a really big dog. Everything I do is very big, I can reach things 5 feet high n when I run real fast I can fly in mid air for over ten feet. The reality of me n how big I really am was more than they imagined.

I told her that that was just stupid, Aunt Lou wouldn't care about that stuff. So I took a really good look at that knot around that tree. Here's where being a very small dog with a long narrow nose comes in real handy. I can reach into real small places n grab hold. I had her untied in no time.

On the way home I asked her her name. She told me her name was Billy Two Knives. Then Billy told me the story about running real fast in her old house with a pair of open scissors in her mouth. Believe it or not that wasn't the reason her people threw her away. Billy told me the reason was people think they want a really big dog, but have no idea what living with a really big dog is like.

I told her Aunt Lou would not care because she had been kinda wild herself when she was a puppy. Plus Billy we look just alike, we are the same age, Billy we are twins. Billy looked at me real puzzled cause she felt like she was this really big awkward giant n here I am this really small very cute little dog. Puzzled as what I had said made Billy, we never talked about it again. I told her that she was my twin sister n that was that.

We got home n I told Aunt lou the whole story including that I had seen Ghost Dog. Aunt Lou smiled n got Billy some food, she even smiled when I told her Billy was my twin.

That was that Billy was now a part of a real family. She never had to worry again, because if she got in trouble I'd protect her.

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